Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cap'n Jack S. Celebrates #1

DEC. 12, 2009: Mommy's colleague was the first one to say "Maybe you're pregnant," when the nauseating smells of gasoline permeated the classroom and I (Mommy) was the only one who smelled the fumes. And no sooner than we'd received official confirmation that yes, indeed, Ya was en route, we were excited to hear that he'd get a playmate just four months his junior.
Jackson (aka Captain Jack, Jack, or -my personal preference - JackJack) celebrated Ya's first birthday with us. And we gladly joined him for his.

Mama 'Kea went all out with the party festivities:
121209 jacks bday (8)
We played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" (Jack placed the tail between donkey's legs - oops!).
Batter Up
There was a football piƱata (which the kids unsuccessfully tried to break with a baseball bat, but was only torn by Dada Mike's broom stick beating ferocity).
121209 jacks bday (97)
There were lots of cool presents (Jack preferred the books).
121209 jacks bday (99)
The kids especially loved the Sock Monkey Jack-In-the-Box.
121209 jacks bday (2)
Monkey cupcakes for snacking- yummy!
121209 jacks bday (35)
A football sheet cake for the guests.
121209 jacks bday (36)
And even a mini cake for the birthday boy (who tried his best to eat the whole thing).

Jackson and Mommy
Mine?!Cake time121209 jacks b day (63)
And Dada Mike couldn't help but cheer Jack on ;)~

It was a great first birthday celebration.

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Taylor said...

Looks like fun! I hope he had a great birthday.