Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It's been a winter weather wary time here in our neck of the woods suburbs! And so, the photographer in me that is me has been trying to capture some of the happenings inside and out... but Daddy/PopPop thinks I'm nuts (and no doubt the neighbors who saw me taking pictures of the bushes outside and wondered what was so dang interesting about bark, agree).

I killed my "free" Flikr account upload space for December, so I'm making due with the smaller image capability of Blogger. Who'd have thought I would have 100MB of photos to upload in a single month? And how, with a paper weight for a computer, was I able to accomplish this? {The answer to the latter question: I've taken Dad's office hostage for the last two days and whenever I can load up the kids and trek over to the momndad's pad, I'll claim it then too. That'll teach him not to expedite the diagnosis and cure protocol I ordered for the dead critically ill PC}

Dec 19: Happy, happy birthday baby!

DEC 19: After we sampled Chi and Unc-Arthur's fabulous Spice Cake Birthday Cake, Chi and Ya busied themselves playing with a collection of empty tea bottles. They're supposed to bowl with them as the pins, but this time the game was build and destroy towers. Notice which kid is destroying and claiming the bottles...

Dec. 20: This poor little bug-ger was probably wondering how on earth he got caught outside in a snow storm... Chi found him clinging to the tree... I think he was praying (mantis) that the cold would subside before he froze his thorax [they have those, right?] off.

Dec.20: How happy we were to see a plow... and how lucky that we have neighbors who made it arrive within a few days of snow fall... connections are everything.

Dec 22: Temperatures didn't improve and the snow stayed... so Mommy used her "fabulous judgment" and determined that an outdoor photo shoot would be a great idea. Their coats are with the camera bag and the shoot was fast to prevent any furthering of the already present winter sniffles.

Of course there would be more photos, but Mommy was given funny/aggravated looks every time she grabbed her coat and camera to "document" the storm aftermath.

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Taylor said...

I just love those last pictures without the coats! Too cute!