Monday, December 28, 2009

Ti-double g -er

Ti-double g -er, originally uploaded by Mommy Rachelle.

I still can't upload anything new to my Flikr account (and the funds to "go pro" are being spent on the billion dollar annual car inspection), so I was browsing the images I uploaded and never posted.

I came across this gem taken days after Halloween. It's Ya, though you'd never know it, posing in his sister's second Halloween costume (which fits him at 14 months). I've kept most of the costumes we've gotten over the years and sometimes I like to whip them out for play time. It doesn't hurt that my kid brother LOVES Tigger and this shot was great for his collection.

Did I mention that I am so looking forward to Tigger-izing my future nephews and nieces when they arrive in a few years? I guess I should wait until the official "I do"s are said in Vegas (1-10-10), but hey, he's a great Dad already. I know because he was the official father-figure to my daughter for the first four years of her life while we shared first an apartment and then a condo. Oh how I love having the godfather in my kids' lives!

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