Thursday, December 3, 2009

Raging Beauty

There's not much time these days to get online. There's even less to scrap book all the photos I've had printed of the last year of events (and day to day hum drum). But if all my time is limited to mere moments, I'm happy I can fill each one with the click of my camera and my kids.


It seems like yesterday I was planning Chi's sixth birthday party and now she's less than a fortnight away from seven. What am I doing with a seven-year-old? What happened to that precious baby girl with the beautiful almond eyes, the never ending inquiring conversationalist, and the precocious personality?

She's certainly not a baby any more, though she's even more precious to me at this age than at any prior.

Almost Seven

My first born is reading, she's writing, she's creating. She's a free spirit that sees something special in the ordinary. She dreams of becoming an artist (she already is in so many ways). She might study fashion design in school (and her "In My Pocket" toys are the best dressed). She's complimented for her advanced vocabulary and ability to articulate beyond her peers. And she's surpassed all expectations of sisterhood for one incredibly active and time consuming baby brother who demands her attention, eats her crayons, and gets in the way of her play/television watching/socializing.

Seven years have passed us by, and they've been the most fulfilling, most interesting seven years of my life.


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Taylor said...

She is such a beauty! I just love her boots.