Sunday, October 11, 2009

A-Maze-ing Day Pt. 1

Today, my 13-month old son and 6 year (and 10 month) old daughter accompanied me and Oma on an adventure through a country farm oasis west of us. Despite the fact that I am anything but country in spirit or nature, I was stoked about venturing away from suburbia, even if only briefly.

The drive was fairly easy - a straight road from door to destination and very little traffic. The camera was ready and loaded, the probable costume for Halloween tucked into the stroller "just in case," and the kids were napped out and perky. It was the perfect set up for pumpkin hunting. Almost like deja vu, Ya picked out the tiniest little orange pumpkin wanna-be in the bunch. Then he abandoned it. To my surprise, he preferred this monstrous growth:
Pick of the patch

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