Friday, September 18, 2009

This is too easy...

Hmm... week two of the school year and I'm not stressed? Tired, yes. But thus far, the students are still in "make a good impression" mode and it makes the tone of the class so... comfortable. I'm hoping this continues, as we're moving quickly through the nitty gritty and are about to embark on the "fun stuff." (Fun for me, anyway.)

Chi is still enjoying school; or if she isn't, she's been real quiet about it. She continues to withdraw and seek her own "Chi time" - a sign of things to come? But the spunk of my sweet thinker is always thereduring the commute home from school and when she decides to join Ya and I at bedtime.

Ya is running now. Yes, from his first true steps on August 21 to now, September 18, he has learned to speed across the floor on two and not four. WOW.

I told my students that my kids are clearly smarter than I am, and they guffawed. Yeah, I'm like a million years old, so I know a lot of stuff, but my offspring are quick studies in life and they are surpassing my smarts. Chi is both inquisitive and perceptive and she remembers every minute detail (except the unpleasant ones like steps to getting ready for school on time, remembering that we don't have auto toilets at home and you have to flush, and to put dirty clothes in the hamper and clean in the closet). Ya is observant and persevering. Show him once and he studies your modeling, then he practices until perfect and improves the performance. And both kids are performance artists.

It's amazing how easy every thing is so far... too easy. Thank God we're doing just fine for a change!

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