Saturday, September 12, 2009

things they say...

Chi to Ya (as he stops a fall by reaching for her): Don't expose my bottom. You're not supposed to see it.

Chi to Mom (in the car): Whoa, how did this turn into an argument so fast?Mom to Chi: I'm melting.
Chi to Mom: No. It's just the face mask.
[Mom frowns]
Chi to Mom: Stop making that face or else God will think you like it that way and it'll be stuck.

... when did she get so grown?

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Joy Howse said...

LOL. Andrew said the other day after his sister exposed his bottom... "did you ever stop and think I might have personal issues with my bottom being shown to the world?" Gotta love the things they say.

And tonight, Alexis said, "Apparently it is past 8:00 because we are heading to bed." (barely 5 years old mind you. :)