Monday, August 17, 2009

Time... flies

We've had fifty fabulously fantastic weeks of life with Yadon. Chi is still amazing as a big sister. And as Ya's personality continues to evolve, he is shaping our family. We are anxiously awaiting the first unassisted steps when he deems it safe to stop gingerly holding onto a finger, a wall, or a push toy to walk around. He visits Chi's room, follows her endlessly, and smiles whenever she focuses her attention on him.

He is finally saying Mama, and sometimes, he actually says it to me. Favorite games include copycat, keep away and chase. He loves to climb onto things and has finally figured out that head first is not the preferred way to get down from them. He sings in his own little baby babble - along with songs and sometimes when the mood just strikes. He hates his car seat and would much prefer to ride standing up, facing the rear window and seeing the other cars around us.

Chi? Simply wonderful. I could not have asked for a more incredible child. She continues to amaze me with her inquisitiveness, her command for language, her empathy, her astounding "knowing" of the things we don't discuss in adult comings and goings that she understands. She is resilient, accepting, adapting, acutely sensitive. I could learn a lot about life just by watching how she conducts hers. In so many ways, she is the teacher and I her student.

I love my children. They are, in so many ways, life itself.

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