Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 4: Photo Editing (clipping masks)

My baby cousin (all right, she's only four months younger, but that's enough to call her that) just gave birth to her first child. He's a precious 8lb 4oz gem and has completely stolen his parent's hearts. Yadon gave his approval of his future playmate with a big smile and tried really hard to "pet" him. We're excited to see how little AJ grows up and hopefully he'll be as much energy and all-boy like our Ya is.

Anyway, Miss Sprague's Day 4: Clipping Masks seemed like the perfect completion to this simple snap shot I took while visiting our newest family member:Ya and Chi have given me permission to say that he's a little cutie. And I promise AJ, we'll switch that classification to handsome soon enough for you.

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