Saturday, July 11, 2009

1771... and back to the future

If I could plan the perfect summer, it would be one filled with day trips with my kids and my mom (who's also my best friend).

Today we traveled back in time to 1771 and visited a colonial farm family. fiddler We arrived right after they finished their lunch and were just in time to watch the clean up.Chi was excited to go initially, but as usually happens, she quickly became bored with the setting and didn't perk up until she could participate in the era reenactment. Here she was picking off radish seeds to dry for planting. "Radishes look just like green beans, but they taste different," she said. Honestly, I don't think she's every seen a radish full grown.One young woman showed off her garden, but admitted that the weather had created havoc for much of her small crop.Ya is still experiencing everything anew, so the animals elicited peals of laughter and big five-tooth smiles (that's right, the fifth tooth is no longer just under the gum line, but is now every-so-slightly peeking out at us).
He liked looking at the honking geese...
And though he didn't want to get too close to the turkeys, their warbling called for a chuckle too.
I'm a bit surprised that he thought looking at this snorting guy was funny...And I loved getting a few pictures of our day at the farm before venturing back to the future (and to an awesome public park/playground happened upon as I made a wrong turn).

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