Sunday, May 17, 2009


My cousin had her baby shower yesterday... and though I wanted to go and support her, I was unable to make the trip southward for the festivities. But Oma made sure Chi got the souvenirs from the event including this smoke-free announcement: As if it weren't bad enough that this lovely placebo cigar encourages kids and adults alike to pretend to be smoking leisurely in the celebration of life (while shortening their own with tobacco toxins), the company thought it fitting to include the following on its wrapper "For ingredients & nutritional info. Write to:"

So, were holding the bubble gum cigar and before Chi can bite into the eerily blue treat, I'm supposed to tell her "We have wait until the company
writes us back to see if you're allergic to anything in it!"

Yeah, that'll happen.
While taking a picture of my beauty, I cautioned her not to inhale too deeply while holding steady for a "smell the roses" picture, she replies, "Yeah, cause I don't want to get too much pollum [pronunciation-accurate spelling] up my nose."

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Joy Howse said...

Gotta love having a kiddo with allergies. I have two of them and the third is showing the same signs of allergies. UGH!!