Friday, May 8, 2009


He's been perfecting mobility for a few weeks now, and suddenly the military scootch turned into a knee tuck and rock. Then the rock included a few careful forward slides of the knees (and a subsequent belly break while relaxing his elbows after every slide set). And this week (somewhere between 35-36 weeks old) he's realized that he's strong enough to crawl on elbows and knees and that this effort moves him quickly to optimal locations - - locations where there is ample un-baby-proofed ookies he can slip into his mouth before mommy wrestles the whatever out of his hands and finger sweep anything that might have entered the wide open orifice before she got close.

Add to this newfound triumph of the mobile kind his penchant for pulling into a standing position and you have T-R-O-U-B-L-E. He's already sliding the feet as he steadies himself with hands placed gingerly on chairs, bags, dresser draws, and the like. Perhaps, like Chi, he'll walk before he hits 10 months old?

Today (5-8-09) also marked the retirement of the baby bather. Ya'd been fighting with me about sitting in the blue tub for awhile now - no doubt because he is too tall for the infant tub and doesn't want to recline at all. So, I used the temperature guage on our high tech tub, then kept the water running in the big tub at our desired baby safe temperature. Chi donned her swimsuit and sat nearby as our newly assigned baby-no-slip-catcher. And Ya discovered that bubbles are yucky... toys are fun to play with... and splashing is awesome!

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Joy Howse said...

Watch out now Mommy, life gets crazy when they are mobile. Such cute pics!!!