Sunday, April 19, 2009

Standing Tall

In the CHI weekend ADVENTURE news:

Chi continues to enjoy cheer leading - at least the practice hour. But like most things, moderation is key, and by the time the game really gets going, all the cheer kiddies are ready to go home. Chi seems to delight in the "spirit" freedom that comes after the cheer, rather than the cheer itself. She loves shaking her pom poms and her booty. And when she's bored, she cheers with her eyes closed and a terrible grimace on her face.

I think I got a good enough photo of my little star so as not to have to buy the traditional cheer picture that the hired team photography company always takes.

While watching "Two Week Notice":
Chi: You're going to watch a movie?
Mommy: Yes
Chi: Is it scary?
Mommy: No, it's a comedy. It's about a girl who falls in love with her boss.
Chi: One of those where the guys put money in their clothes?
Mommy: [shocked, forced laugh] ha-ha. No. It's not that kind of movie...

Yikes... where did that description come from? For a house that does not watch music videos, let alone any movie where strippers are featured, she sure does know the oddest things. Could it be a transfer of the oh-so-popular song, "I'm in love with a stripper" that always plays on the radio? Hmmm.

In the YA! Chronicles

Ya discovered he is truly powerful. That's right, he can use his brute strength in his arms to pull up while his powerful, chunky legs work themselves into a standing position. He'd been sort of doing this on a smaller scale by pushing his feet into the floor as his torso rested on a pillow, a parent, or some such raised entity. What's different now is that he is raising himself to a completely upright position. Once he successfully demonstrated this talent in his crib this morning (prompting Mommy and Daddy to agree it was time to lower the mattress before he tried to conquer flying), he has spent the rest of the day improving the technique and increasing the time he stands.

He is also laughing at other's behaviors he has observed. His humor is quite interesting and the laugh is terrifically infectious.

He is showing favoritism toward his left arm as he masters the pinch and stuff feeding skills. A favorite snack is fruit loops, though he'll gladly cram any other food you set on his tray into the wide open mouth.

He had his first lollipop at the Kiddie Expo and we brushed his tooth afterward.

And the world is so much fun for Ya that these days naps are short, nights not long enough and sleep is the last thing Ya wants to succumb to.

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