Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rising Second Grader

In January, the classroom teacher and reading specialist determined that Chi's reading progress was too slow to continue advancing into the upper grades. They completed retention paperwork, mailed home notice, and set up a conference to prepare me for this potentiality.

Also put into the works was a Child Study, which puts together specialists to determine whether special education services are needed. That Study meeting was today.

As it turns out, the reading switch has been flipped and suddenly my baby girl has word power. In January, she read at level 4. In February it was near 6. And as of today, Chi tested at level 10, just one level away from where the target is for this point in the first grade year. How's that for progress?

As an avid reader since 5 years old, it was not easy for me to understand her struggle. I found it frustrating to "help" her through homework. And I was wondering if I'd ruined her scholastic motivation by entering her in K-5 at age 4 1/2.

I guess Chi just needed to find her own words for the issue... and she gave them to me yesterday, "Reading takes too long..."

... but at least she can do it if she has to!

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Joy Howse said...

I think as a teacher we worry more about this then others who are not. My first born is a super student whiz. My girlie girl is not as eduationally inclinded and I am worried I won't know how to help her right even though I am a teacher myself. The pleasures of being a mom. :)