Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday?

My quiet Easter plans to go to Sunrise Service and spend the remainder of the day with family have been thwarted.

Today we woke to Ya's labored breathing and terrible wheezing. It got worse as he continued his usual Tigger bounce antics and we finally decided to venture to the pediatrician. Our seat was still reserved from the slew of February visits, so we were welcomed right in "as soon as possible." Turns out mommy's Dr. Mom instincts were right: Ya had avoided RSV in February (a case of bronchiolitis, asthma diagnosis, and negative for RSV) only to get it full blown in April from one of his classmates!

We are assured that he's a 15lb 15.5 oz trooper, so no hospitalization is needed. He was quite relaxed through a chest x-ray, and tomorrow we'll know if there is more to this breathing difficulty than a viral cold. Oxygen level is as it should be and other than being ultra clingy to mommy, Ya is the same as always.... except he sounds like a 90 year old chain smoker.

Oh and the breathing treatments with the huffenpuff are much smoother without the baby mask. Turns out that Ya likes to suck on the mouth insert and is content to breathe deep the albuterol vapors. But the shakes, spaced eyes and general antsiness afterward are hard to watch.

Spring break is officially over and sunrise service at the gazebo in the cold is a definate danger to our frail health.

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