Sunday, April 5, 2009


Is it wrong to want to abandon my project? I mean, in theory I am greatly benefiting from the challenge of taking a picture everyday... but when you are as obsessed as I am with pictures, it's to darn hard to limit myself to just one and by the time I get one image I like (*and my kids wont hate when they are old enough to show them off) I usually discover that every photo looks... the same. Hohum.

So... I am feeling a bit uninspired uncreative these days and have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I need a break from the rigid confines of this Project 365. My solution? I shall switch to a much more doable, much more challenging, much more potentially completable project inspired by a photographer named Rebecca.

It's an alphabet project which requires a photo representative of the 26 letters in the (drums please) alphabet. :) I think I can do this. I think it will save my kids from my camera. I think it will free me of the guilt of discovering in an 11:59 p.m. sleep-stupor that I forgot to catch the day's picture.

Wish me luck!

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Joy Howse said...

My sister did that with the kiddos and then made each of hers along the way an ABC scrapbook of the photos to help them learn their ABCs. How fun and I wish you luck.