Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A slip of the keys....

Why is it that the "I" and "O" keys are so close together? Today, while pecking away at a note to may family photographer-friend, I wrote the following:
...Seems selfish, but I'm always the one snapping the shots and am never in the pictures.
I'm really glad I watch the screen as I type and only occasionally glance down to place my fingers on the keyboard (you know, some letters are really hard to find). Observe the word "shots". Now, take out the "o" and insert its neighbor. Changes the sentiment of the sentence a bit, doesn't it? Thank goodness I proofread everything important things before I hit send.
And now,
Project 365
You may wonder, "where's Chi in all these shots?" Good question. On one day, she went to a sleepover. Another, she was downright disagreeable camera shy. And, as is usually the case, she was off in pursuit of her own muses.

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