Sunday, January 11, 2009

Precious Moments

(our sleepover1.9.09)

I'm always very amazed by just how grown up my baby girl has become. It happened without my knowledge, and certainly without my control.
(If I had any at all, she'd still be my little girl, my dependent yet self-sufficient little one who needed Mommy and enjoyed being right underneath me everyday regardless of what I was doing; but alas, she's just a blink of an eye away from teenager!).Here is my sweet Chi volunteering to change a diaper. And here, her whispering the following "Don't cry my little Marques, I'll always be here for you, except tomorrow, when I'm at school. But I'll be here after."
Does it get any better than this? Oh yeah, it does... because here is Ya's usual reaction to seeing his big sister enter a room, acknowledge him, or simply speaking where he can hear her:
It is a reaction all for her and no one else gets as consistent a response.

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