Monday, September 8, 2008


Chi has been a godsend through this whole change. From praying for a sibling, to counting down the days to his arrival, to welcoming her answered prayer into the world, Chi has been amazing. Isn't that the sure sign of a well-adjusted, amazing, perfect child? There's not been a moment of jealousy. In fact, Chi has been selfless - ensuring both mommy and "baby brudder" are taken care of. Ya has entered the world as a content, easy going little man with an old face and a sweet personality. He set a 4 hour schedule (then promptly broke it this weekend) for food, sleep, and changing. While I don't know much about this little guy yet, I am so ready to learn it all. He already powers himself over from tummy to back (or side), as his legs and arms have tremendously forceful strength. He holds his own pacifier and occasionally throws it in frustration. He cries only when he needs something and dares you to figure it out before he really belts out cries.

So far we think he has hair like his uncle, which uncle says he needs to use early, cause it goes away in the early twenties. His eyes were gray and we hoped they'd be hazel, but they appear to be basic brown like all of us. Oh well, it works. We're watching his color shift closer to the brown skin we so love on Chi. So far my favorite feature is his big brown lips (like daddy's).

I'm now up and down the stairs (albeit slowly) following my c-section. Honestly, if it weren't for the recovery, this C club is one to be in. I knew the day and time of my little one's arrival and came into the hospital like this: "We have an appointment, Jones." We were given a pre-determined room right next to the OR and already had our labor gear ready for us. My family was able to sit with us and we could relax while waiting for the doctor to arrive for surgery. With a trama team on standby, this delivery was less stressful than Chi's (though equally blessed and treasured).

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