Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is a horrible, horrible place

We finished up Chi's registration for school yesterday with a visit to the pediatrician. YIKES. After the half dozen immunizations before Kindergarten, I was sure that this trip was nothing but a physical and form fill out. Instead, Chi was given a vaccine for hepatitis. The nurse, Marsha, talked Chi through the process, but all it took was one look at the needle sitting on the tray and Chi was through with doctors. She'd already braved the "strip to your underwear" request... and with recent modesty ideals in tact, it took some coaxing. It might have been better if we'd had one of the female doctors in the practice, but none were available for this appointment (scheduled a month before!). She measured in at 44 lbs. and 44 inches and has perfect vision and hearing. Pretty impressive for my not-so-little baby girl, huh?

Regardless, we left the pediatrician with forms for Yadon and a request that we tell the hospital who our pediatrician is so someone can see the baby after birth. And Chi left with a sticker and sore arm saying "This is a horrible place. Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrIBLE, HORRIBLE!"

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