Sunday, August 10, 2008

18 Days...

Yadon's birthday is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with a Baby Shower? Marq and I both invited our friends and family to join us in welcoming Yadon into the world.

Mom, who like me is no fan of parties and great gatherings, donned her hostess hat again and made the arrangements to get everyone together. Despite a minor setback (Olive Garden does not do reservations and will not set up tables until the whole party arrives), she set up a beautiful table! The little favors (it's a boy boxes) were just precious.

My girlfriend Nickea, who expects her first born -a son - in December, came up with some fabulous games. My favorite activity, though, was the blessing notes she had each guest write to our little family. Yes, they made me cry, but it'll be a treasured memento for Yadon when he's old enough to understand how much he is loved. There is so much strength in those prayers for him!

In attendance were my colleagues whom I adore - the ones I run to on good days and especially on bad and whom I share more than a career with. I'm thankful for Rose, my friend from the 'Bridge, who is expecting a beautiful baby girl in November. She took photos as only a former yearbook advisor can! And dearest Tara, who left her fabulous team of menfolk to spend time with the girls. (We're praying that one day we'll be celebrating a baby girl for her household, too.)

Two aunts, a cousin (whom I am grateful for joining as she is a bit under the weather) and her lovely girls, and my Daddy also joined the festivities. It was good to see Marq's best friend (and proud papa) James, his brother Rod, and his beautiful mom, Georgia.

I must admit that I am blessed to have such great people in my life. It makes me feel like Yadon's world is enriched with faith, family, and friends even before he enters it.

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