Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Birds have it easy. They simply wander around in search of string, grasses and fluffy stuff to pack their nests with. Then they lay a few eggs and sit on them for a few weeks. Now I'm certain that the exhaustion of feeding the little chirpers after they hatch is no picnic (actually... it is, full of worms and grubs, lol). So I guess humans have the after birth a bit easier.

I'm well into my nesting phase at this point. I visit my nursery daily. Then leave it disgruntled.

The crib is in pieces against the wall and I've lost the instructions. I still have a closet full of craft supplies that have no new home to go to. I've started to organize the few hand me downs of Laura's that I absolutely could not part with in the last five years. And there are new accessories that I "had to have" assembling on my Ikea Expedit wall unit.

The stuff would look neat and clutter free if I hadn't had a fight with the plastic boxes I bought to fill the shelves with. But after spending more than a half hour on one box and then cracking the next while trying to get it together, I've decided that the woven boxes are the way to go. So, I took a trip to Ikea and returned the broken one and the others I didn't even attempt to put together. With woven boxes, however, I can't see what's in them and I can't label them.

Can't anything be simple?

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