Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Marq texted me last night to share that he had made a few purchases for the baby... it's his first time searching out and buying things (though there has been a lot of window shopping on his part). Is this a sign that we're getting a bit too excited?

I told him to pull out the camera and get ready for this birthday - - I obviously can't take pictures of our son from recovery, but am more than happy to have the family with the baby doing just that!

I'm on a countdown, which Marq says makes him a bit nervous. Marq is instead watching the calendar dates fly by and closer to our tentative August 28 delivery scheduling. I've gained weight between our last visit and this one, so I'm certain the date will be made firm pretty soon.

Marques Yadon is VERY active, shifting around (while still upside down) all day and hiccuping or kicking throughout the night. We're wrapping up month 7 and are so ready for the end of August. I want to meet the little man whose been dorming rent free for all of this year!

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