Friday, June 20, 2008

Literally Speaking...

The temperature between my second and third floors changes by about 10 degrees - colder in the winter, hotter in the summer. Hiking up that single flight is compounded by the temperature change... and staying upstairs in our bedrooms during an 80 degree heat wave is a sweat-laden experience.

I combat the ill effects with frequent showers and sponge baths.

Enter this morning:

I have a glass framed shower. This morning, while getting ready for another summer "adventure," I got into the steamy water and began the usual rituals. Midway through the shower, Chi's voice calls out:
"Is this called a baby shower?"

I couldn't stifle my laugh and was beyond amused by her logic:
Mommy is carrying a baby in her tummy. She and the tummy (or baby) are taking a shower. This must be a baby shower.

Of course, it was a teachable moment, so like any good English teacher I explained the figure of speech:
"No honey. A baby shower isn't a real shower. It's a party where people 'shower' you with lots of gifts for the new baby."

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