Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farewell, RINGO

Not the Beatle, the photo server...

This is one of those sites that brought our family closer together with frequent pictures of both everyday and once in a lifetime events.  And now?  Closed. 

As if the $5 a gallon gas prices, foreclosed homes, and generally pathetic economic stresses weren't enough? 

Seriously, the site will be missed because it was a chance to see the distant relies grow up.  We're talking sonogram pictures, pregnancy photos, and beautifully healthy babies that have grown into toddlers before our eyes.  And just flipping through the folders of friends and family is a great way to see who and what is most important in our lives. 

June 30 is destruction day, and then there will be a tremendous void on the net.  I've reached the end... what else will I frequent?

Ta, what're we gonna do?

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