Saturday, May 3, 2008

Party Time

Chi and I just spent two hours with our Honduran neighbors at a party for their three-year-old.  Chi has dubbed the little girl her "best friend" and thought this party would be all about the two of them.  Of course, this was a family affair and though they slowly trickled in from about 3 p.m. on, the birthday girl could not be kept by Chi's attention.  Instead, Chi tried desperately to entertain herself digging for bugs (an oh so gross new hobby) and running around in the muddy backyard.

By 5:30 I only wanted to escape and the thought of taking the dogs out to relieve themselves sounded like a pleasant alternative to suffering through this Spanish speaking fiesta.  Granted the little girl's parents and uncles (our neighbors on Bethel) speak English and tried to make us feel welcome, but I was so uncomfortable as the only dark skinned face in the crowd.  It didn't help that the Caucasian relatives on the maternal side - specifically the grandmother - kept making comments about "Spanish time" and moving along with the festivities.

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