Friday, May 30, 2008


Suddenly my coworkers are full of compliments.  Now this is either one of those sympathy-induced "Lord it must suck to be pregnant in the summertime" guilty thought castaways, or perhaps my new preggo wardrobe is actually favoring me... I'd like to think it is the latter. 

Somehow my best look is with this big bump in front of me that causes my slight waddle and relative shrinking height appearance.  They've really improved the maternity wear they're selling.  I buy off-season and wait to wear, so it's been somewhat economical. 

Of course, I'm excited and more than ready to meet my son, so maybe they're reacting to my "aura." Who knows?  It's fun to receive the unsolicited comments and I am really feeling quite supported in this pregnancy.  It's six months today, and I'm more than ready to see my little man.

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