Monday, April 7, 2008

when it rains...

Current mood: sad

It seems like this is the month I’m gonna look back on and try desperately to erase from memory, from records, from existence.

Doctor ran some "routine screening" tests indicating bad news - - it seems me and negative results come hand in hand. So my options? More tests. Dangerous tests. Potentially deadly tests.

This on top of realizing that Chi isn’t allowed to go to the better (and more convenient ) school I’d intended for her to go to. So next year’s commute is gonna be ridiculous and she’ll have to learn Spanish to survive the playground.

My car’s in the shop thanks to a hurried idiot who ran into me at a stop light. Her insurance sucks and makes everything difficult (a 3 month process?).

First rental car they gave me wouldn’t let me adjust the seat. Second had manual everything and no CD or tape player. And I’m sure I’ll get to pay for a day’s rental when they call to say the car is not finished.

Am I having fun yet?