Friday, April 25, 2008

This is our story

The long awaited results of my amniocentesis came this morning in the form of an e-mail. My son has no traces of the fatal Trisomy 18, nor any other chromosonal disorder. He shows no signs of spina bifida or neurological disorders. He is, as far as his tests go, healthy.

It has been a long 11 days of waiting for a phone call. It has been 18 days since that initial conversation with my doctor. It has been a fortnight of choices, of doubt, of sadness. And it has been a prayer-filled period - - not of hope, persay, but that His will be done and I be able to accept whatever it was...

So it looks like I can finally celebrate this soon-to-arrive son of mine. I can cherish those sweet little kicks and picture how he'll look when I'm holding him in my arms. I can thank God for the miracle of his creation and the blessing he is to my little family.

I am blessed.

No more tormented thoughts about a stolen future... granted nothing is promised, but thank God He has a plan for this little one that goes beyond this pregnancy.

Does prayer work? Yes. Just yesterday my cousin texted me reassurance that this little boy was gonna be okay. There's a little angel in Heaven who said he's not ready to welcome a playmate into paradise with him... And Marq said he spoke with God and things would be fine. Faith is a beautiful thing and I am grateful to have so many people who pray for me and with me on a regular basis. My friend (who's expecting her own little one) had her whole family praying for this news. Countless people I don't even know asking God to make things okay... that's a blessing.

And as I type this there are no eloquent words... it's hard to see the keyboard through my tears. These are happy tears, though... these are tears of a mommy who would like nothing better than to have the opportunity to cherish her son and experience with him all that life has to offer. Finally I can breathe again. And I can restart my countdown until our little prince celebrates his birthday.

I'm ready for September.

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