Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's MY Anniversary

The celebration has begun early out here in NOVA!

On Wednesday, December 19 we'll mark the Fifth year of two of my most treasured gifts:  a new chance of life for me and the beginning of life for Chi.

It's odd that the two are centered around the same time, but those who know the tremendous 2-week saga that was my hospitalized near-death experience know that 7 transfusions, hundreds of prayers, and a whole lot of faith later Rachelle is still here.

And what better way to be welcomed "back" than with a beautiful, perfect, and oh so fabulous little girl?  I have treasured every moment she's been in my life and am looking forward to so many more.  Every minute is a new memory (though I seem to forget each one moments later unless I scrap about it, then I only have to remember good things).  Every day brings at least one more adventure.  And every second I am so very thankful HE gave me this opportunity to have my LauraChioma.

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