Monday, November 27, 2006

Breast Obsessed

"Mommy, I like your breasts and I like your baby."
My daughter is almost four... and in the last year or so, she's become an astute observer.

Currently, she's obsessed with growing up.  She already says she's having a baby "any day now," and she begins and ends every meal with comments about growing her breasts big like mommy's (uh, right). 

She seems to believe that eating will no longer make her fat, but will make her bigger.  And, since I said breasts grow when you get bigger (I meant older), she's done the deductive reasoning.  She's so interested in food these days that a rather embarrasing trip to the supermarket was earmarked with "we have to buy eggs and boil them.  I need milk, comas my breasts will get bigger... I need..." and when I cut her off, she slouched her shoulders, huffed and put her hand under her chin in an all out pout:
"You don't want my breasts to get bigger!"

What an accusation.  I could only smile, push the cart faster and rub her back as I said, "Honey, I want you to grow, but you don't need breasts at three years old."

I should also mention that she knows breasts feed babies.  SO, as she is currently carrying a child in her belly, she hopes to grow the breasts soon to feed the baby. 

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