Sunday, November 12, 2006


I looked at a photo of my daughter the other day and was shocked to see how amazingly close her image mirrors mine.  Aside from those precious almond eyes, she's my little double.  And that is simply beautiful.

My hope for my little angel is that she live a life fulfilled.  I pray she doesn't make my mistakes.  That she finds everlasting love the first time without the dead ends of puppy love passing for the real thing. 

That her every dream be blessed by Him and that she make the wise choices along her path to success.

That she learn early that being who you really are is the only way to live.

But what about me?  Is it possible for me to reach my own goals?  To figure out exactly what those are?  To rework the master plan that has so far gone terribly off schedule?  To rectify my broken and betrayed heart and find myself again?  And... is there someone out there that is my perfect match?  And will he hurry up and find me already?

I'm feeling a little blue... must be the hormones.

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