Wednesday, February 22, 2006

From the mouth of babes

"I don't like ice skating, it's not fun."
Figure Skating
"They do it like this (demonstrating) they spin around and they cross."
(while being bombarded with kisses) "Lick my ear." (can you say "future freak." Shotgun is ready, don't mess with my little girl.)
"Mom... I got an itchy butt, it not feel good."
"Uncle you have two puters... you don't need two puters..."

(upon seeing an airplane overhead) "Look an airplane!  Daddy lives in an airplane in Cal-ee-for-nya.  Drive fast and catch it Mommy. Oh, it's really far..."
Q: Laura you want a pow pow now for that?
A: No mom, later.  You have to be nice to Laura.

I know, I know ... only a mother could find these types of things quirky cute.

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